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groove motion summer camp tenerife 02/07/2019 - 08/07/2019
Reis Fernando
nadine baboy
david cottle
Hip hop
Ayoze gonzales
Hip hop & Girly
aurore dinaux
hip hop & new style
Harry Senga
Hip hop & House
Shady Squad
Marie Kerida
Soca Dancehall
salomé vq
contempo & jazz
graziella geulin
contempo & jazz
bboy rené
all styles dance camp with summer vibes 799€
open to beginners and advanced dancers over 12 years old
programme professeurs activités séjour vol

All Styles Dance Camp With Summer Vibes 799€

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Open To Beginners And Advanced Dancers Over 12 Years Old



Siam Park

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Hotel Puerto Palace

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Aller : 02/07/2019 Départ Liège (LGG) 06:00 local - Arrivé Tenerife (TFS) 10:00 local
Retour : 08/07/2019 Départ Tenerife (TFS) 17:35 local - Arrivé Charleroi (CRL) 23:25 local
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Groove Motion Summer Camps

Born in 2016, Groove Motion Summer Camps is getting the best out of teachers from all around the globe to unite them with students for a whole week in order to share, progress, develop the dance community and have some real fun together!

Those camps are the initiative of Groove and In-Motion founders. Both dance event organizers joined forces to make something different. A new form of camp that would really integrate you in the dance community.

The organization team is based in Belgium and is made out of 4 talented persons who are fighting to develop, embellish and protect the dance industry. Marie Kerida, Graziella Geulin, Harry Senga and Matthew Richards all the way from Jamaica.

The summer 2019 will be important and different as we launch our first dance camp for kids! You can always support us by sharing that news with others.

If you are searching for a summer dance camp, you have found it! Book your spot today and join an amazing team of people for a very great trip!

Adress : Place Alphonse Favresse 69, 1310 La Hulpe
Account : BE87 0342 6734 4994

Mail : info@groovemotion.org
Marie Kerida : 0032 488 437 148
Harry Senga : 0032 488 264 457

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